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Uh-Oh! No Coco?

Posted in Coco Lee on June 14, 2008 by Pex

Like many J-Pop fans, I find to be an invaluable resource when it comes to the world of my favorite J-Pop, C-Pop, K-Pop Asian pop stars. But I was shocked tonight when I tried to look up Coco Lee on there, and there was no article on her at all. For someone who has performed at the Oscars, someone who is the Mandarin voice of Mulan, someone who is singing the theme song for the 2008 Olympics, this is more than a little surprising.

Please don’t mistake this for an embittered rant by Coco’s biggest fan. I’m not her biggest fan. Truthfully, I only have her two English language albums, and I can’t even tell you the names of more than half the songs on either album. But I do like her. She was one of my very first glimpses of the world of Asian pop music, and I’m a bit disappointed that she isn’t properly represented in the biggest repository of knowledge on Asian pop culture.

On the other hand, this does make me want to check out some of her non-English songs. When I get around to doing so, I’ll post my thoughts on them.  In the meantime, here’s the PV for Do You Want My Love, the first song of hers I ever heard.