Well, today in the mail, I received something I never thought I would get.  It’s an autographed poster of Morning Musume.  My Morning Musume (Ai, Risa, Reina, Eri, Sayumi, Koharu, Aika, Junjun, and Linlin).  I love collecting autographs of celebrities whose work I enjoy, and while I generally don’t pay for the autographs (I much prefer the personal touch of writing to them and asking for their autograph, and them giving it of their own free will and with no money involved), there can and must be exceptions.

Generally said exceptions are when the celebrity is deceased (I would like, for instance, to get William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton’s autographs, but since Hartnell died before I was born and Troughton died before I could write a proper letter, that’s not really possible unless I buy it from someone who already got their autograph).  Other times, it’s down to money.

Last Christmas, for example, I got two autographs.  One was from Grace Park of Battlestar Galactica, and the other was from James Best of Dukes of Hazzard fame.  Both were obtained for me by my brother.  Grace, through my brother writing a letter and asking her for an autograph for me.  Mr. Best, being a somewhat retired actor, charges for his autograph (fair enough, he’s got to make a living as well), and my brother bought an autographed photo of him for me.  I treasure them both more or less equally, though Grace gets extra points because she also sent an autograph to my brother as well as an autographed Mini-Mate of her BSG character, Athena/Boomer, simply because we were fans of BSG and she didn’t have any photos of her in character from the show.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a regular poster at one of the forums I frequent (Hi, Himalia!) was selling a couple of autographed posters of Kimagure Princess, signed by all nine members of Morning Musume.  Since my brother and I did not have the opportunity to go see them in California earlier this year, and since Koharu had already announced her graduation, I knew this would be our only chance to get the autographs of our Morning Musume, the version of the group we had followed since our induction into the world of H!P fandom right before Egao Yes Nude was released.  Yes, technically, Yossi and Miki were still members at the time, but they had graduated before we could really, really get into the fandom, so for all intents and purposes, our Momusu was the stable lineup.  Yes, we knew it wouldn’t last, and yes, we were okay with it, more or less, but the opportunity to get all nine girls’ signatures simultaneously was just too good a prospect to ignore, considering our Golden Era was coming to an end.

To be honest, although we couldn’t really afford it after buying everyone else something for Christmas (and ignoring the fact that I need to get a new computer that can run Star Trek Online when it comes out in February), this was one chance we just couldn’t pass up, and so my brother and I pooled our meager resources and bought the autographed poster.

Regardless of anything else someone may give us, I think this may, in fact, be our best Christmas ever, because we’ll get to spend it with some of our favorite girls in the whole world!  God Bless Them, Every One (Even Koharu, who’s just gone solo…)!!!


One Response to “Pex GETS!”

  1. So jealous of your autograph with 9-nin Platinum Morning Musume :/ wish I could get an autograph from when Niigaki was in the group. Btw, if you have time will you check out my blog, NyNyOnline? 🙂

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