JPex Inferno

Okay, so…I mentioned last time around that I married Risa in Sims 3, and that my brother was going to propose to Ai-chan.  He did so, and now we are all living happily together in a single house.  Well, I say happily…

Ai-chan tried to kill me last night.  Not intentionally, of course, but still…

Ai-chan, for some reason, decided to grill some food.  Now, we were using the “static motives” cheat to avoid the boring bits (eating, sleeping, etc.), but nevertheless, the first thing that pops into Takitty’s head after getting married is…grill hot dogs.  I’m not sure if there’s some sort of symbolic jiggery-pokery going on there or not, but it’s certainly possible.  Anyway, Ai-chan, being a relatively new character, has not had any training in the cooking skill.  And she sets the grille on fire.  And me as well.

It’s funny, really.  Ai-chan fainted immediately, frighteningly close to the flames.  I was quite worried that she would catch fire.  So I stood next to her panicking and screaming.  Reaction Queen Risa ran around the big wall that encircles our house and proceeded to cringe in terror at more or less the exact spot on the other side of the wall that the flames were coming from.  My brother follows her out there and proceeds to attempt extinguishing the flames from the other side of the wall.  Hey, maybe it can actually work in the Sim world, but I’m pretty sure it can’t in real life, so I was more than a little disturbed by this.

Thinking that perhaps it won’t work after all, I call the firefighters on my cell phone.  The second I hang up, my pants catch fire.  As they are doing so, Ai-chan finally wakes up and rises unsteadily to her feet.  The first thing she sees is my butt on fire, so…she faints again.  In the same frelling spot as before.

I’m worried, but I can’t stop laughing.  Still, I do manage to realize I am right next to our swimming pool, so I dive in.  As I do so, the firefighter runs in, and puts out the fire.  Because the AI in this game is a little screwy, the firefighter then waits until I start climbing out of the pool before he strips down to his undies and dives in after me.  At this point, my brother can’t breathe from laughing and I’m literally doing the Picard facepalm maneuver and giggling to myself like the Frank Gorshin Riddler.  To be honest, I’m still laughing about it every time I think about it, mainly because I was the only one who got hurt.  As close as she was to the flames, I’m just glad that it was me instead of Ai-chan who got burned.  Even so…

The goal for the next play session?  My brother is soooooo teaching his little woman how to cook.  Before she kills us all…


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