Silicon World

Well, Sims 3 has been released, and my brother and I have, as usual, made virtual versions of ourselves to mess around with.  He went the sports superstar route, while I became a famous author.  For me, at least, it’s pretty close to real life.  Except for the being famous bit.  I’ve only had one thing published so far, so I’ve got quite a ways to go in that department.

What does this have to do with J-Pop, you ask?  Plenty.  First of all, you can import music into the game by putting it in a particular sub-folder of the game’s files.  Just like the first two games.

More importantly, like the first two games, you can create custom Sims.  Some wonderful, wonderful person has made Sims of Morning Musume.  All of the current lineup is available, and apparently IchbnB1 intends to continue making H!P Sims, because since yesterday, he’s also made Miki Fujimoto.  Personally, I hope he makes all of H!P, but I’d settle for the remaining members (past and present) of Morning Musume.

The likenesses are pretty good really, with Sayumi’s being the most faithful to her real-life counterpart, but as I said, there’s not really a bad one to be found among them.  What really impressed me, however, were some of the outfits.  Reina, in particular, has a selection of outfits from her Very Reina photobook (the red dress, and the purple and gold bikini) which look stunning and virtually identical to the ones Reina actually wore.

So, yeah, awesome stuff.  Oh, and I totally married Risa Niigaki last night (and my brother plans on proposing to Ai-chan tonight). *squee!*

Oh, I did manage to find one more MM Simmaker on the Sims 3 website.  So far, they’ve made Mari and Yossy (including a Mr. Moonlight formalwear option!), with hopefully more to come.

Anyone who is thinking of getting Sims 3, now you have another reason to do so – collecting Morning Musume Sims!


2 Responses to “Silicon World”

  1. If your brother proposes to Ai-chan I will challenge him…TO A DUEL!

    *Duhn Duhn Duuuuuhhhhn*

  2. Well, to be fair, in his case, it’s more like a renewing of their vows. He was married to her in Sims 2 and they had three children together. So in all honesty, I’d say he had dibs. 😉

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